Making Your Finances Less Taxing

With a trusted advisor you can rely on for your personal and small business needs.

2019 Tax Season Preparation

The 2019 tax season is the most perplexing due to the changes in the tax laws. Optimize your tax liability with a personalized approach with no hidden fees.

A Trusted Approach

We take a proactive approach when providing Tax and Accounting services to assist you beyond tax season.

A common denominator for every successful business owner and high-wealth individuals is they have their own circle of trusted advisors. Makarios Financial Services is here for every milestone of your financial and business growth – from business plans and startup, to hiring your first employees or making your first million, to your exit planning – whether it is retirement or selling your business. 

The founder of Makarios Financial, Stephen Vanderpool, learned what valuable customer experience means from his mother. Her clients depended on her because she cared about them as an individual first. Steve brings this same customer focus to his business. From working with individuals just starting out in business or companies wanting to grow, Steve walks his clients through the process to ensure they understand all aspects of the services he can provide.


Tax Preparation

We are more concerned about getting your taxes right versus getting them filed. You won’t be rushed. Our approach is to understand your needs or the needs of your business to ensure you understand the process and pay only what you should for your individual or business taxes.

Payroll & Quarterly Reports

Whether you are a startup or small- and medium-sized business with under 100 employees, you’ll have an advisor who seeks to understand your entire business. We ensure your payroll services run smoothly and file quarterly and year-end reports in a timely manner to ensure your business meets all requirements. 


From invoicing and bookkeeping to helping you manage assets and loans, our services align with your needs and challenges. Turn to us for managing all of these services on your behalf, or you can design it to suit your current business model while planning to scale for its future performance.

Appraisals & ESOPs

We provide appraisals to determine ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) value, as well as assistance in setting one up, managing it, and providing annual reporting. We also assist with determining if an ESOP is right for your business and retirement planning.


We can serve as your strategic partner to analyze your business to find where you can improve performance. Based on your accounts and financial history, we can diagnose where you can save money and create efficiencies to scale your successes and overcome existing challenges.


Personalized Pricing

We offer personalized pricing designed for the size and needs of your business. You will have a trusted advisor to guide you through the steps every business takes.

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